En el laberinto de la vida

En el laberinto de la vida,me pierdo entre las sombras de la incertidumbre,buscando un camino hacia la verdad,hacia la luz que ilumina mi ser. En cada esquina del camino,encuentro las huellas de mi pasado,las cicatrices de mis errores,las lecciones aprendidas en el dolor. Pero también encuentro la esperanza,la fuerza que me impulsa a seguir adelante,el…


Lost in this worldWhere I meet you,I walk seeing blindly. In elongated momentsWhere can I see you leave,I notice that you have not arrived. When you talk to meI don’t hear your voice,Although I read between your lines.

Like a Painter

Like a Painter Who paints just for painting That spends ink, just for coloring That’s how vain your words are They emanate sound Only for those who can’t hear. It’s your love As an obsolete artist, Drawing pieces of art In a lackluster notebook With numbers and letters.

I love you

Just as birds fly seasonallyAlways coming back where they startedJust like them, that’s what happens to me.No matter where I amI will always come back to you.As a safe harborWhose sailor seeks refugeThere is no sea or stormMay they take me away from you. Just like the August sunHeats without measureThus, at maximum temperatureSo, that’s how…

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