You're that tree that gives me shelter
The dexterity of my right hand
My rainbow after a flood
The bow for my arrow to fly
You're what I always considered
The space between nothing
who I think and thought
my shield and sword
You're my favorite poem
The white rose in my garden
the best of the unknown
My beginning, present, and end.
You're the exact moment
The trail that takes me on my long journey
My promise and covenant
The one who knows the words of my language.


Lost in this world
Where I meet you,
I walk seeing blindly.
In elongated moments
Where can I see you leave,
I notice that you have not arrived.
When you talk to me
I don't hear your voice,
Although I read between your lines.


Take my hand
I want to always have you close
and if one day you leave
I will go behind without fail
Kiss Me
Keep me warm forever
and although we are in summer
I want to have you until December.
I want to dance together to the beat of the music
and lose us in it
Never finding the way out
Of that eternal labyrinth.


Érase una vez un niño
que amaba a su padre
Uno era tierno en cariño
Mientras que el otro había dejado a su madre

Así creció el infante
Con su madre a su lado
Pensaba en elefantes.
Y su madre, en quien la había dejado

“Que triste es cuando estas solo
aun recuerdo a tu padre
me paso las noches llorando y llorando
gimiendo por ese cobarde”

“Madre no te sientas así”
el chico le dijo
“Nunca te haré sufrir
Siempre te mostraré cariño”.