Like a Painter

Like a Painter

Who paints just for painting

That spends ink, just for coloring

That’s how vain your words are

They emanate sound

Only for those who can’t hear.

It’s your love

As an obsolete artist,

Drawing pieces of art

In a lackluster notebook

With numbers and letters.

I love you

Just as birds fly seasonally
Always coming back where they started
Just like them, that's what happens to me.
No matter where I am
I will always come back to you.
As a safe harbor
Whose sailor seeks refuge
There is no sea or storm
May they take me away from you. 
Just like the August sun
Heats without measure
Thus, at maximum temperature
So, that's how I love you.

Dime lo que sabes

Dime que tú me quieres
Dime que tú me amas
Dime que tú me extrañas
Dime, Dime, Dime
Dime que tú me deseas
Dime que tú me hiciste
Dime que tú me tienes
Dime, Dime, Dime
Sabes que yo te quiero
Sabes que yo te amo
Sabes que yo te extraño
Sabes, Sabes, Sabes
Sabes que yo te deseo
Sabes que yo te hice
Sabes que te tengo
Sabes, Sabes, Sabes