Real Madrid vs Barcelona the Last Clasico

It’s time to look ahead to the Clasico, and it’s so different from the previous one this year when these two teams were earlier in the season. Real Madrid is coming with the momentum after an extraordinary comeback against PSG. Barcelona has come together beautifully over the last few weeks, so this has the makings of a brilliant game.

Nothing like we saw in the first leg where Barcelona was depressed, they were still recovering from the Lionel Messi, traumatic departure, they didn’t have any money, and had a bunch of talented young players without any experience.

They did some good signings in the winter transfer market, and now they have an 11 games unbeaten streak. Real Madrid on the other hand will be at their best as well. After the amazing comeback against PSG which gave them a lot of energy, now all their key players are 100%, Courtois is having an amazing year and Karim Benzema is having the best season of his career.

Since Xavi arrived at Barcelona, he has gotten this team to play well, giving them an identity. Then in the transfer window in January, so many of those new signings had a real impact and now they have the team trending in the right direction. Real Madrid with almost La Liga title in hand, their mindset is in the champions league draw against Chelsea, and after the PSG match, there will be a little bit of a hangover.

But the Clasico regardless of the form in which the teams come in is always a fair and even match. For Barcelona is one of their biggest matches of the year, and for Real Madrid, is another opportunity to humiliate their arch-rivals. It will be a game to watch. Who will come out victorious? Sunday will have the answer.

Why everyone loves FC Barcelona.

Have you ever been in love with a team? Perhaps the team of your city, or the team of your favorite player, or whatever, do you remember what you felt when you saw them play? I also fell in love with a team, Fútbol Club Barcelona.

It was the year 2009 and one afternoon I inadvertently started watching a football game that was being shown on television, Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​it was an instant crush. The way they moved the ball from one sector to another, as if without effort, immediately caught my attention. I remember seeing players like Henry, Xavi, Puyol, and Leo Messi, it was wonderful.

Each game was a guarantee of a show, and above all winning. It doesn’t matter who started or what team we were playing against, Barcelona was vastly superior, in every way. Although their stars changed every year, those who arrived were also football stars, such as Ibrahimovic, Villa, Fabregas, they all continued to contribute to the great show that was Barcelona.

Because I fell in love? It’s easy; FC Barcelona was the perfect girlfriend.