Tell me what you know

Tell me that you love meTell me that you love meTell me that you miss meTell me, tell me, and tell me Tell me that you want meTell me what you did to meTell me that you have meTell me, tell me, and tell me You know that I love youYou know that I love…


Lost in this worldWhere I meet you,I walk seeing blindly. In elongated momentsWhere can I see you leave,I notice that you have not arrived. When you talk to meI don’t hear your voice,Although I read between your lines.


Take my handI want to always have you closeand if one day you leaveI will go behind without fail Kiss MeKeep me warm foreverand although we are in summerI want to have you until December. I want to dance together to the beat of the musicand lose us in itNever finding the way outOf that…


Come close to me feel my hands let’s breathe the same air under a shower of stars. Listen to my chest let’s stop time under a safe hour repeat my name Do it in melody count my hair while I play with yours look into my eyes pierce my soul

Aquella Mañana

Recuerdo aquella mañana de invierno Donde te hablé por primera vez Apenas me despertaba de un sueño Y volví a caer en la red. Tenía miedo de tenerte pronto sin nada en mente decía por dentro “Dany no seas tonto habla con ella, ella está ahí enfrente”. No sé por qué no te alejaste Y…


Once upon a time, there was a child Who loved his father One was tender in affection While the other had left his mother This is how the infant grew up With his mother by his side He thought of elephants And his mother, whom he had left behind “How sad it is when you…


My strategy is to look at you learn how you are See you as you are my scheme is to talk to you and listen to you build with words an indestructible bridge my plan is to stay in your memory I don’t know how or under what pretext my path is to be frank…


Give me your perfect love perfect counselor courageous counselor brave and sincere grant me a smile lovely smile lovely idea receiver Idea give way scramble step excited for you For you, I have fallen in love throw me a party private party particular association Association that only you can give

Agua sin fin

Hace más de una mes que no te veoYa no pasas por aquíY cuando yo te llamoDices que ya te perdí Enséñame a olvidarEsto que estoy sintiendoÁtame a tus manosA ver si sigo huyendo Si tuviera tiempo para respirarTe diría en un susurroQue a tu lado quiero estarMientras conquisto el mundo Si atreves del rocióPudiera…

Todos Podemos

Un día placentero sin lluvia y sin viento A la locura dentro del desierto Me entristece la vida y sus caminos Las manchas en los castillos Mientras los coches corren y corren Entre la neblina, sin sol ni luna. Entre dos, pueden que quepan cuatro Cuando todos podemos.