Why Russell Hantz is underrated on Survivor.

Of all the contestants who have played Survivor, few have had the impact that Russell Hantz has made. A two-time finalist, and two-time player of the season, Russell is synonymous with Survivor, yet some consider him overrated, is this accurate? Let’s see.

In his first two seasons, Russell was by far the best player in the game. In Samoa he was head and shoulders above the rest, being the first player ever to find a hidden immunity idol without any clues, paving the way to how the game is played now, also having the most confessionals ever in a season, he definitely should have won that season in a landslide.

  In Heroes V.S. Villains he played the same way, stealing the show, against arguably the toughest cast to that point of the show and probably till now, excluding Winners at War. The way he managed to make it all the way to the end, was incredible. Obviously, Russel Hantz has flaws in his game, like his jury management, could he have done better? Yes, he could have won, but sometimes having a bitter jury can destroy your chances of winning the game.

Is he the best player in the game? Absolutely not, but he’s definitely a top-ten Survivor contestant; we should definitely see his contribution to the show. Think Otherwise? Comment Below.