Take my hand
I want to always have you close
and if one day you leave
I will go behind without fail
Kiss Me
Keep me warm forever
and although we are in summer
I want to have you until December.
I want to dance together to the beat of the music
and lose us in it
Never finding the way out
Of that eternal labyrinth.


Once upon a time, there was a child
Who loved his father
One was tender in affection
While the other had left his mother
This is how the infant grew up
With his mother by his side
He thought of elephants
And his mother, whom he had left behind
"How sad it is when you are alone
I still remember your father
I spend the nights crying and crying
Groaning for that coward"

“Mother don’t feel like this”
The boy told her
“I will never make you suffer
I will always show you affection”.

That Morning

I remember that winter morning
Where I spoke to you for the first time
I was barely waking up from a dream
And I fell back into the net.
I was afraid to have you soon
With nothing in mind
it said inside 'Dany don't be silly
talk to her she's there in front.

I don't know why you didn't walk away
And you were still by my side
Although I think you won
Well, we've both won.