What's wrong
That you no longer want me by your side
that it doesn't matter
All that has happened
Tell me why you feel this way
in love with another
while my heart
It breaks little by little
Oh tell me what are you going to do
if you don't love me anymore
If I can laugh again
While my soul dies
Give me a sign
Even if it's unreal
I want to go back to sleep
and be able to dream

Endless Water

I haven't seen you for over a month
you don't pass by here anymore
And when I call you
You say that I already lost you
Teach me to forget
This I'm feeling
tie me to your hands
Let's see if I keep running away
If I had time to breathe
I would tell you in a whisper
That I want to be by your side
As I conquer the world
If through the dew
I could soak in you
I would live next to a river
For the water to be endless

Tell me what you know

Tell me that you love me
Tell me that you love me
Tell me that you miss me
Tell me, tell me, and tell me
Tell me that you want me
Tell me what you did to me
Tell me that you have me
Tell me, tell me, and tell me
You know that I love you
You know that I love you
You know I miss you
You know, you know, you know
You know that I want you
You know I made you
You know I got you
You know, you know, you know


Give me your perfect love
perfect counselor
courageous counselor
brave and sincere
grant me a smile
lovely smile
lovely idea
receiver Idea
give way
scramble step
excited for you
For you, I have fallen in love
throw me a party
private party
particular association
Association that only you can give


I have a garden with many flowers
Each one with its colors
And among them, there's one that stands out 
It doesn't wilt and I don't have to water it 
It blooms in spring and also in winter.
Its aroma is better than any perfume
Its soft petals are like cotton
I have been offered a lot for her
money and jewelry but I can't sell it
because that flower is you
And without me, you can't grow


My strategy is to look at you
learn how you are
See you as you are
my scheme is to talk to you
and listen to you
build with words an indestructible bridge
my plan is to stay in your memory
I don't know how 
or under what pretext
my path is to be frank
and know that you are frank
so that between the two there is no curtain
no abysses
my approach is instead
deeper and simpler
my strategy is that any given day
I don't know how or why
you’ll finally see me


Come close to me
feel my hands
let's breathe the same air
under a shower of stars.

Listen to my chest
let's stop time
under a safe hour
repeat my name

Do it in melody
count my hair while I play with yours
look into my eyes
pierce my soul 


You're that tree that gives me shelter
The dexterity of my right hand
My rainbow after a flood
The bow for my arrow to fly
You're what I always considered
The space between nothing
who I think and thought
my shield and sword
You're my favorite poem
The white rose in my garden
the best of the unknown
My beginning, present, and end.
You're the exact moment
The trail that takes me on my long journey
My promise and covenant
The one who knows the words of my language.


Lost in this world
Where I meet you,
I walk seeing blindly.
In elongated moments
Where can I see you leave,
I notice that you have not arrived.
When you talk to me
I don't hear your voice,
Although I read between your lines.


Take my hand
I want to always have you close
and if one day you leave
I will go behind without fail
Kiss Me
Keep me warm forever
and although we are in summer
I want to have you until December.
I want to dance together to the beat of the music
and lose us in it
Never finding the way out
Of that eternal labyrinth.