What’s going on with the Miami Heat?

The Miami Heat is 32-20 having lost the last 3 matches against one against the Celtics where we lost by more than 20 points and two losses against the Raptors, one being by triple overtime. We went from being first in the east to third place. So, what’s going on with the heat? Why the sudden “collapse”? Let’s see.

Kyle Lowry – Lowry has missed all three games due to personal reasons. When he’s not on the floor we miss that floor generator, leaving Jimmy and Tyler to do point guard duties.

Robinson Struggles – Duncan Robinson has been struggling greatly in the last games, Duncan is averaging 5 points per game with a total of 16 points in the last 3 games. When Duncan is not finding his shot, the heat struggles greatly, since Duncan is only good at shooting nothing else, he becomes a liability on the floor, if his shots are not falling.

Back-to-Back Road games– The last two games have been back-to-back and both on the road. At the Celtics game at the TD Garden, three of our four best defenders were out, Lowry, Butler, and PJ Tucker. This marks the tempo for the game, when you have Duncan Robinson, Max Strus, and Tyler Herro defending the likes of Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum is always going to turn bad for us. Those games being back-to-back can be strenuous on players.

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Can the Heat go all the way this year?

The Miami Heat are in first place in the Eastern Conference, with a 32-17 record, but how successful would they be in the playoffs? Can this team make more noise than anticipated? In my humble opinion, I don’t think they have enough to win. A team that has two stars in its ranks, of a medium level such as Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, and then the rest are complementary players. The problem to me doesn’t seem to be the players that complement the team like, Tyler Herro, who at this moment would be winning the Sixth Man of the Year in the league, or PJ Tucker who has the best average 3-point average in the league, or even Duncan Robinson along with Max Struss who I think are excellent pieces for this team, the problem for me relies on their two stars.

Jimmy Butler averages 21 points 6 assists and 6 rebounds per game, although that average is not bad at all, he doesn’t seem like enough of a star to me, to be the best player on a team with aspirations to win it all. Once again, he seems to be an excellent player, for me one of the best investments the team has made in its history, but unfortunately, he is not a top player, he is not a Kevin Durant, a Steph Curry, or a Lebron James, he is not even among the best ten basketball players in the NBA. He is not a reliable player with his shot, but rather a contact first player, and to win, I think you need a star who can grab points whenever he wants.

In a similar situation is, Bam Adebayo, it seems to me that in a few years Bam will be among the best ten players in the world but in a few years. Right now, I see him as the third-best player on a team with championship aspirations. Like Butler, he is not a player who can score when he pleases, he is an excellent rebounder, defender, a player who has good speed for his size, as I said before in a few years, if he continues to improve, he will be among the best, but right now he’s not.

Although, and here comes the most interesting part, if somehow, we were to get another star of the stature of these two, we would surely be the favorites in my opinion to win it all, but so far, I see that as difficult. Can the Miami Heat, led by the best NBA coach Erick Spoelstra win the championship this year? I doubt it. Could it happen? Yes, but it would be a surprise for everyone, but even more so for me.