The Road

Upon the road I once did roam,

I ventured far, I left my home.

Through distant lands and boundless track,

But now I yearn for the journey back.

The echoes of my past still call,

Like whispers in the wind, enthralling all.

Memories like stars in the midnight sky,

Illuminate the path, as I wonder why.

The faces I left behind in the mist,

The places I long to once again exist.

In the heart’s compass, a northward knack,

Guiding my steps on this homeward track.

The road ahead may wind and bend,

But it leads me back to a familiar end.

Through valleys low and mountains tall,

I’ll return to the place where I left my all.

Oh, the stories I’ll bring, the tales I’ll tell,

Of adventures wild, where my spirit did swell.

But in the end, I’ve learned this fact,

That coming back is where I find impact.

For home is more than walls and a roof,

It’s where love resides, where hearts find truth.

In the embrace of those I never lacked,

I find my solace in the journey back.

So, onward I go, with hope in my heart,

To the place where my story had its start.

With each step, my soul seems to unpack,

The treasures of life, as I make my way back.

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