The Ocean’s Lullaby

By the shore, where waves embrace the land,

The ocean’s voice, a lullaby so grand.

It sings of distant shores and ancient tales,

Of mermaids’ songs and sailors’ trails.

With each gentle kiss upon the sand,

It whispers secrets of a far-off land.

The tides, they rise and fall with grace,

In the eternal dance, they find their place.

Beneath the surface, a world unknown,

A kingdom of wonders, all on its own.

Coral reefs and creatures in vibrant hues,

In the ocean’s depths, life’s diverse views.

The moon above, a silent guide,

Pulls the waters with the ebbing tide.

A reminder that in nature’s grand scheme,

Even the mightiest forces are but a dream.

As day turns to night and night to day,

The ocean’s song never fades away.

It carries stories, dreams, and lore,

A timeless ballad, forevermore.

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