First Love

In the realm of youthful dreams, so tender and bright,
There blooms a feeling, like morning’s first light,
A treasure hidden in the heart’s secret cove,
The sweet, intoxicating essence of first love.

It starts with a glance, a shy, timid smile,
A flutter in the chest that lingers for a while,
Innocence and wonder, like stars up above,
Define the beauty of this, our first love.

Hand in hand, we journey through fields of delight,
Underneath the moon’s soft, silver-white,
Every stolen moment, every whispered vow,
In the garden of first love, we both do plow.

The world fades away in the blush of the rose,
As our hearts entwine, a story that flows,
A symphony of emotions, like a cooing dove,
Forever etched in memory, this sweet first love.

But first love, alas, is a fleeting affair,
Like a breeze through the trees, it’s gone in the air,
Yet its fragrance lingers, a gift from above,
A reminder of the magic of that very first love.

So cherish those memories, let them never depart,
For first love’s a masterpiece, a work of pure art,
In the tapestry of life, a treasure trove,
Forever celebrated, this wondrous first love.

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  1. iambrotherlove Avatar

    a great description of first love

    1. The Risell Chronicle Avatar
      The Risell Chronicle

      Thank you! I’m glad you like it!

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