To my dear brother

To my dear brother, a bond unbroken,
A steadfast presence, a love outspoken.
Through laughter and tears, side by side,
Together we face life’s turbulent ride.

In childhood days, we played and roamed,
Creating memories forever treasured and owned.
Your hand in mine, we braved the unknown,
Through ups and downs, we’ve steadily grown.

You’ve been my rock, a pillar of strength,
In times of struggle, your support I’d length.
With every challenge, we’ve learned to cope,
For you, dear brother, fill my heart with hope.

Your kindness and humor, a gift so rare,
A constant source of comfort, always there.
In moments of joy, we share gleeful cheers,
In times of sorrow, we wipe each other’s tears.

As the years advance and life unfolds,
Our bond deepens, a tale of love retold.
Through distance and time, we remain connected,
The ties of brotherhood are never rejected.

In this poem, I honor the one who’s true,
My brother, my friend, forever you.
With a love that’s boundless, my heart extends,
Grateful for you, my brother, my friend.

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