June 25th

On June 25th, a Sunday bright and fair,
I stood before you, my beloved, to say,
With a heart full of love and joy so rare,
That I’ll cherish you every single day.

The sun shone bright, the sky was crystal blue,
As we exchanged our vows, our hearts ablaze,
Our souls entwined in a love so true,
That nothing in this world could ever erase.

As we walked hand in hand down the aisle,
Our eyes locked in a gaze so deep and true,
We knew that we had found our soul’s delight,
And we’d forever cherish our love anew.

The vows we shared, the rings we exchanged,
Were symbols of a love that will never fade,
And as we kissed, our hearts and souls arranged,
To live together in love, till the end of our days.

On June 25th, our wedding day so blessed,
We started a journey of love, hand in hand,
With each other, we’ll face every test,
For our love is strong, like a rock on the sand.

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