In the realm of dreams

In the realm of dreams, where thoughts take flight,
A poem emerges, bathed in golden light.
With words as brushes and verses as strokes,
I’ll paint a tapestry of beauty, as it evokes.

Let the ink flow freely, like a river’s course,
Each line a melody, a lyrical force.
For within these words, a story unfolds,
A universe of emotions, waiting to be told.

In the embrace of language, let meaning arise,
As I wander through realms where imagination flies.
Through metaphors and similes, let feelings unfurl,
Capturing moments, like a precious pearl.

In the dance of syllables, let rhythm guide,
A symphony of language, side by side.
With every stanza, a heartbeat resounds,
Echoing the depth of life’s profound.

With ink-stained fingers, I’ll traverse the page,
A poet’s soul unleashed, unrestrained and sage.
For poetry is the language of the heart,
A vessel for emotions, an eternal art.

So let the words intertwine, like lovers’ embrace,
In this poem’s embrace, find solace and grace.
For within these verses, a piece of my soul,
A connection formed, as we journey towards the whole.

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