In the touch of your hand

In the tender grasp of intertwined hands,
a silent language of love expands,
fingers lacing, a connection so grand,
we embark on a journey, hand in hand.

In the touch of your hand, warmth I find,
a solace, a comfort that eases my mind,
like a gentle breeze, our souls aligned,
we navigate life’s path, intertwined.

With each touch, a world of emotions arise,
a symphony of sensations, a sweet surprise,
fingers entwined, our hearts harmonize,
creating a bond that time defies.

Holding hands, a gesture so profound,
a silent vow, a love that’s renowned,
through joy and sorrow, we’re forever bound,
with every step taken, love surrounds.

In the gentle squeeze, secrets unfold,
a language unspoken, a story untold,
the strength in your touch, a love to behold,
a connection unbreakable, never to be sold.

Hand in hand, we face life’s stormy weather,
supporting each other, growing together,
in your touch, I find solace and tether,
a bond unbreakable, an unending endeavor.

So let us hold hands, as we journey through time,
let the touch of our hands be a sacred chime,
together we’ll face whatever mountains we climb,
forever united, hand in hand, in this rhyme.

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