In the realm of dreams

In the realm of dreams, where passions reside,
There blooms a tale, with love as our guide.
A symphony of hearts, entwined and free,
I’ll paint a verse, a poem for you and me.

Love, a celestial fire, ablaze in our souls,
An eternal dance that forever unfolds.
It whispers secrets known only by two,
Unveiling depths, revealing love so true.

Love is a river, flowing fierce and strong,
A gentle current where hearts belong.
Its waters carry us through storms and strife,
Binding our spirits in the tapestry of life.

Love is a beacon, shining through the night,
Guiding lost souls toward a haven so bright.
It heals the wounds, the scars of the past,
Uniting broken pieces, mending them fast.

Love is a language spoken without words,
A silent melody, heard by hearts undisturbed.
It knows no boundaries nor bounds of time,
Its essence transcends a love so sublime.

Love is a canvas where colors intertwine,
Creating a masterpiece, unique and divine.
Brush strokes of tenderness, strokes of desire,
Painting a love story that will never tire.

Love is a journey, an endless exploration,
Hand in hand, embracing every sensation.
Through laughter and tears, in moments we share,
Love’s fragrance lingers, perfuming the air.

So let us bask in love’s sweet embrace,
And cherish the beauty, this gift we embrace.
For love, dear one is life’s greatest treasure,
A timeless symphony, a bond beyond measure

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