All the Days of the Week

Monday starts the week anew,
Bringing forth a busy view,
The weekend’s over, we must renew,
And chase our goals until they’re through.

Tuesday comes with a steady pace,
Work to do, tasks to face,
The week’s still young, we must embrace,
And tackle challenges with grace.

Wednesday’s middle of the week,
Time to take a little peek,
At all we’ve done, and goals we seek,
And find the strength we need to speak.

Thursday brings a hopeful feel,
The end of the week is almost real,
But there’s still work, we must reveal,
And push through till the end, with zeal.

Friday’s here, the end’s in sight,
The weekend calls, it’s shining bright,
But there’s still work to do, alright,
Before we celebrate with all our might.

Saturday’s here, it’s time to play,
To rest, relax, and seize the day,
To have some fun, and find a way,
To recharge our souls in a joyful way.

Sunday’s last, but not the least,
A day to cherish, to unwind, to feast,
To reflect on life, and find some peace,
And get ready for another week, at least.

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