Friends are like stars in the night,
Guiding us through life’s dark plight,
They twinkle and shine bright and clear,
Bringing us joy and wiping away every tear.

They’re always there to lend a hand,
To help us rise and bravely stand,
With a listening ear and a heart so true,
They bring comfort and strength anew.

Through thick and thin, they remain by our side,
With a bond so strong, we cannot hide,
Their love and support lifts us high,
And helps us soar towards the sky.

Together we laugh, together we cry,
Through every storm, our spirits fly,
For friends are the pillars that hold us strong,
And inspire us to keep marching on.

So let us cherish the friends we hold dear,
For they are the ones who bring us cheer,
And make life’s journey worth the ride,
With a love that forever abides.

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