Leaving something behind,
is never an easy task,
it pulls at our heartstrings,
and leaves a lingering sadness.
A chapter in our lives,
has come to an end,
and even though we know it's time,
it's hard to say farewell, my friend.
Leaving behind a home,
where memories were made,
the walls hold stories and secrets,
that will never fade.
Leaving behind a person,
who touched our hearts and souls,
their presence will be missed,
and the void will take its toll.
Leaving behind a dream,
that we once held so dear,
can feel like losing a part of ourselves,
a path that is no longer clear.
But with every ending,
comes a new beginning,
a chance to start afresh,
and let go of the clinging.
So let us cherish what we leave behind,
the lessons learned, the love we found,
and move forward with hope and courage,
knowing that new blessings will soon surround.

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