Beneath the starry night

Beneath the starry night,
my soul begins to roam
Through the depths of my mind,
I seek a place called home
The moon casts shadows deep,
across the earth and sky
As I wander through the dark,
my spirit starts to fly
I hear the whispers of the wind,
that call me to explore
The secrets of the universe,
hidden forevermore
In this quiet solitude,
my heart begins to sing
A melody that echoes
throughout the endless ring
The stars above me sparkle bright,
a symphony of light
As I dance among them,
my soul takes flight
For in the darkness of the night,
there's beauty to be found
A world of infinite wonder,
where magic can abound
So let me wander through the night,
with all my heart and soul
And find the home I've been seeking,
in the heavens' great unfold.

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