Leaving all that we have known.

Across the ocean's vast expanse,
With hope and dreams, we take a chance.
Leaving all that we have known,
To start anew in lands unknown.
The journey's long, the road is hard,
But we press on with every yard.
Leaving behind our friends and kin,
To start again, a life we'll win.
New sights, new sounds, new smells arise,
As we behold with grateful eyes.
The foreign land we'll soon call home,
Where we'll never feel alone.
We'll work hard and persevere,
Through struggles, pain, and even fear.
For we have come with a purpose clear,
To live a life free from any tear.
And though we miss our native land,
Our hearts are strong, our spirits grand.
For we have chosen to immigrate,
And seize the opportunities that await.
So let us raise our voices high,
In gratitude and joyful cry.
For the chance to start anew,
And live a life that's bright and true.

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