My heart aches

My heart aches with deep, unyielding pain,
As I realize the love I thought was true,
It has turned out to be a cruel, bitter game,
And the one who hurt me was you.
How could you hurt me so, my love?
Was it worth the tears I shed?
Did you ever stop to think of
The pain that you would spread?
My heart was yours, entirely yours,
And I trusted you with all my soul.
But now my heart lies shattered on the floor,
And the love we had is no more.
I thought we had a bond that nothing could break,
But now I see that I was wrong.
Your betrayal has left me feeling so forsaken,
And my heart is singing a mournful song.
But though my heart is broken, I know,
That I will rise again, strong and true.
And though my love for you may never grow,
I will learn to live without you.

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