In the fields

In the fields of green where wildflowers grow,
And the gentle breeze through the meadows blow,
A world of wonder and magic untold,
Where secrets hide and stories unfold.

The sun rises high in the clear blue sky,
And the birds take flight, their wings set to fly.
Their songs fill the air, a symphony sweet,
As they soar through the sky on nimble feet.

The leaves rustle softly in the summer breeze,
As the trees sway gently, their branches at ease.
The scent of flowers fills the air around,
A sweet aroma that can never be found.

Nature’s beauty is a sight to behold,
A world of wonder that will never grow old.
So take a moment to breathe it all in,
And let your heart fill with the peace within.

For in the fields of green, where wildflowers grow,
Is a world of magic and wonder untold.

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