Heart’s Symphony

My heart sings a symphony,
A melody of joy and pain,
Of love and loss and everything,
That makes life so beautiful and vain.
My soul sways to the rhythm,
Of each beat that echoes within,
A symphony of emotions,
That I feel so deeply within.
Sometimes the notes are happy,
And my heart dances with delight,
Other times they're melancholic,
And my soul weeps throughout the night.
The music of my heart is endless,
A composition that's never done,
It's a beautiful tapestry of emotions,
That I've weaved since life begun.
There's a harmony in the chaos,
And a purpose in the pain,
Every note tells a story,
Of my journey through life's domain.
My heart's symphony is a reflection,
Of the highs and lows, I've known,
And I'll keep playing the melody,
Until my heart beats its final tone.
So let my heart sing its symphony,
Let it play until the end of time,
For every note is a testament,
To the emotions that make life divine.

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