Cold December Night

I met her on a cold December night
Her smile shining bright like city lights
I didn’t know what to say, but she caught my eye
I knew right then, and there, I couldn’t let her pass by

Every moment with her feels like forever
I wanna hold her close and never let go, ever
There’s something about her that’s got me feeling so alive
I can’t help but fall for her; she’s got me hypnotized

Cause she’s my everything, my love, my life
I wanna hold her hand, kiss her lips every night
She’s the reason I wake up with a smile
And I’ll love her till the end of time

I never thought I’d find someone like her
Someone who completes me and makes me sure
In every step I take, she’s by my side
I know that with her, I can conquer any tide

With her, I see a future brighter than the sun
I wanna grow old with her, have kids, and have fun
And I know that with her, I’ll never be alone
Cause she’s my home; she’s where I belong.

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