In the beginning

In the beginning, Jehovah spoke,
And all creation awoke,
The universe was formed,
And every detail perfectly adorned.
He created the earth and the sky,
The sun and the moon, to rise up high,
He made the oceans and the land,
And filled it with life, all in His hand.
From the smallest seed to the tallest tree,
Every creature, great and small, to see,
The animals that roam the earth,
The fish that swim, and the birds that give birth.
The beauty of the mountains and hills,
The rivers and streams, that bring us chills,
The wonder of the forests and jungles,
The deserts and canyons, all so humble.
Every detail, every color, every sound,
Is a masterpiece, in which Jehovah is found,
He crafted each with love and care,
And His fingerprints are everywhere.
The intricacy of the human form,
The wonder of life, and its norm,
The ability to think, to love, to create,
All are a testament to Jehovah's fate.
For He created us in His image,
With the ability to love and manage,
To take care of the earth and all therein,
And to live our lives, with joy and within.
Jehovah's creation is a symphony,
A beautiful song, a melody,
A reminder of His infinite love,
And the blessings we receive from above.
So let us cherish and care for His creation,
And show our gratitude and appreciation,
For the beauty that surrounds us every day,
And the love that Jehovah brings our way.

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