Mental Health

A mind can be a maze,
A labyrinth of thoughts and haze,
Where light is obscured by dark,
And hope is just a flickering spark.
Mental health is a journey,
A path we all must traverse,
Sometimes the road is rocky,
And we feel as though we're cursed.
Our minds can play tricks,
And lead us down the wrong track,
But we must find our own way,
And not look back.
It's not a sign of weakness,
To ask for help when needed,
And together we can build,
A network of support, undefeated.
Mental health is not a choice,
But how we handle it is,
We can choose to let it define us,
Or rise above and find our bliss.
So let us break the stigma,
And speak of mental health with pride,
For our minds are precious treasures,
And deserve to be nurtured and alive.
Let's support one another,
In this journey, we call life,
And know that together,
We can overcome any strife.


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