Love is a thing of wonder

Love is a thing of wonder,
A feeling that makes our hearts thunder.
It's a force that can move mountains,
And heal even the deepest wounds.
Love is the sun that shines so bright,
The moon that guides us through the night.
It's the wind that whispers in our ear,
And the rain that washes away our fear.
Love is a flame that never dies,
A spark that illuminates our eyes.
It's a bond that grows stronger each day,
And a promise to never stray away.
Love is a gift that we should cherish,
A treasure that should never perish.
It's a journey that we take together,
Through every stormy weather.
Love is the most beautiful thing we'll ever know,
A feeling that will always grow.
It's the reason we wake up each day,
And the meaning behind everything we say.

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