In the depths of my soul

In the depths of my soul, there lies a feeling so true,
A love that burns bright for someone like you.
A flame that flickers yet never fades away,
For you are the one who makes my heart sway.
With every breath I take, I feel your presence near,
A warmth that fills me up, dispelling all fear.
The sound of your voice, like music to my ears,
A melody so sweet, it eases all my tears.
When I look into your eyes, I see a world so bright,
A place where love reigns and everything feels right.
Your smile, oh so captivating, like the sun on a summer's day,
It melts away the worries and keeps them at bay.
Together we've shared so many moments and memories,
Each one is more precious than the one before it in my reverie.
The laughter, the tears, the joys, and the pain,
All woven together like a beautiful refrain.
For it is you, my love, who fills my life with meaning,
A true soulmate, forever by my side leaning.
With you, I feel complete, and nothing else compares,
For you are the one who truly cares.
So here's to you, my love, on this particular day,
A reminder of the love that never fades away.
May we cherish each other and hold on tight,
As we journey through life together in the light.

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