Within the silence of my souls

Within the silence of my soul
A thousand voices speak.
A cacophony of hopes and fears
A symphony so bleak
Each voice a thought, a memory
A dream that once was true
A shadow of a former self
That's lost within the hue.
The colors swirl, a kaleidoscope
Of feelings and despair
And in the midst of all the chaos
I find a moment of prayer.
A plea for peace, a hope for light
A yearning to be free.
To find a way to live and love.
And to be who I'm meant to be.
So, I close my eyes, and take a breath.
And listen to the sound.
Of the beating of my heart, the rhythm
Of a life that's yet to be found
And in that moment, I find a peace.
A stillness in the fray
And I know that I'll keep on going.
Through the darkness, and into the day.

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    so sweet 🌹🌹

    1. The Risell Chronicle Avatar
      The Risell Chronicle

      Thank you!

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