Having to lose someone is a bitter pill to take,
It leaves a hole inside that nothing else can ever make,
The pain it brings is sharp and deep,
And oftentimes it feels like we can never sleep.
The memories of the one we've lost,
Are like a beacon, never to be tossed,
They shine so bright within our hearts,
And it's hard to accept when we're torn apart.
We try to hold on to what we had,
But time moves on, and it can be so sad,
We feel the ache of what could have been,
And we wonder how we'll ever begin again.
But as the days and weeks go by,
We start to see the beauty in the sky,
The world around us starts to shine,
And we realize that life can still be divine.
Though we may never fully heal,
And though our pain may never fully seal,
We hold on to the memories that we cherish,
And we know that the love we shared will never perish.
So though it hurts to have to say goodbye,
We hold on to the hope that we will someday fly,
And join the ones we've lost up above,
Where they'll be waiting for us, filled with love.

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  1. Destiny Avatar

    a sad and harsh aspect of reality and you’ve penned it so accurately and beautifully 🤍🙏Lovely.

    1. The Risell Chronicle Avatar
      The Risell Chronicle

      Thank you

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