In times of struggle and despair,
When life seems too much to bear,
We find within ourselves the strength,
To persevere, to go the length.
Survival is a primal need,
A force that drives us to succeed,
To overcome the trials we face,
And emerge stronger in our place.
We weather storms and turbulent seas,
Our spirits tested by the breeze,
But with each passing trial we find,
Our courage and resolve combined.
We rise above the darkest night,
To bask in morning's golden light,
And though the road may twist and turn,
Our will to survive will always burn.
For life is precious, and we know,
That with each challenge we can grow,
And so we face each trial with pride,
And never falter, never hide.
For in the end, when all is done,
We'll know that we have truly won,
For survival is the greatest prize,
And it shines bright in our eyes.

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