What is love?

Love is a force that binds us all,

A powerful current that will never stall.

It lifts us up, it sets us free,

Love is the anchor that keeps us at sea.

It is a fire that burns so bright,

A guiding star on a darkened night.

It fills our hearts with joy and light,

Love is the beacon that shines so bright.

It whispers softly in our ears,

A voice of comfort that’s always near.

It wraps us up in a warm embrace,

Love is the smile on every face.

It is the melody that we sing,

The sweetest sound that our hearts bring.

It fills us up with a happy glow,

Love is the seed that helps us grow.

It is a journey that we all take,

A road that winds and bends and breaks.

But through it all, love remains,

Love is the sunshine after the rains.

So let us cherish this precious gift,

And let it be our guiding lift.

For in love we find our truest selves,

And in love we find the greatest wealth.

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  1. Love is much needed. I love this poem. The way you speak of the features and importance of love is just awesome, phenomenal in fact. The tone and mood are perfect.

      1. Feel most welcome 🤗

  2. Amanda Rodriguez says:

    What a beautiful poem! I love it!

  3. lovely 🥰

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