Baseball is back for the Miami Marlins

Spring Training is now on the way for the Miami Marlins. Just two weeks ago, the commissioner of baseball Rob Manfred was discussing the fact that the baseball lockout would cancel games to start the season, but now here we are, ready to start spring training.

There’s a lot of hope and excitement for the Marlins this season, even though last year they struggled with a 67 and 95 record but that isn’t the past. Don Mattingly said, “now it’s time to look to the future, we have to move forward now with this ballclub”.

But to move forward without Derek Jeter is a little different. Jeter is not here for the first time in five years after stepping down from the team, he said it was because his vision was different than when he arrived, we don’t know if that vision maybe was about spending money or not being able to spend money.

Marlins principal owner Bruce Sherman was asked directly about Jeter’s situation he said “I have nothing but respect for Jeter, but nothing has changed for this team we expect to win, and we will spend to do so. We will be trading potentially players, more importantly, we will be trying to sign free agents we have money, and we will spend it how we spend it is up to Kim”

Kim Ng the general manager for the Marlins spoke saying she understands his team needs another bat, they need to make some improvements and they look to do it from now to the start of the season.

I find this very hard to believe since we have less than a month till the start of the season.  Spring games at Jupiter will begin on Friday so it is kind of a quick Sprint to the start of the season after this lockout, but it is great to see baseball back.  Will the Marlins have a great Year? Will see.

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