I have a garden with many flowers
Each one with its colors
And among them, there's one that stands out 
It doesn't wilt and I don't have to water it 
It blooms in spring and also in winter.
Its aroma is better than any perfume
Its soft petals are like cotton
I have been offered a lot for her
money and jewelry but I can't sell it
because that flower is you
And without me, you can't grow

One thought on “Garden

  1. I like your web site and the poems I have read. Nicely done.
    I started my own web site to give exposure to my own writing, but have since added ‘Guest Authors’. These guest authors are mostly people I have met online in places like UKAuthors, PoetBay, ABCTales, Allpoetry, et cetera.
    Would you be interested in swapping a little bit of content? I could put one of your poems on my site with a clickable link back to your blog, and you could do the same in reverse? We would both benefit by reaching out to new visitors, and search engines may take notice of the linkbacks to advance our search engine ratings. My site is called a Literary Showcase with the name Parapraxis (which means ‘slip of the tongue’. 🙂
    Best wishes and kind regards,

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