Can Barcelona finish in Champions League position?

FC Barcelona has 17 games left to play this year in the Spanish league, will it be able to win enough games to finish in a Champions League position? Let’s see.
Barcelona is fifth with one point less than Atlético Madrid, this is important since the first game will be between them, so this match can define the competition for them.
After that, they have three difficult games against Espanyol, who always plays well against Barcelona, after is Valencia, a rival that can hurt us, and finally Athletic Bilbao, who beat us in the last game.

On the 29th match of the year, they will face Real Madrid in the second classic of the season, and the week after against Sevilla, which would be another direct rival for the Champions League positions. After these two games, Barcelona will have four games that will be considered “easy” compared to others.
Levante, Cádiz, Real Sociedad, Mallorca, among which Real Sociedad is the most difficult.
On matchday 35, another fundamental match will come against Real Betis, which is in 3rd place now, then it will end with a match against Celta Vigo, Getafe, and finally Villareal.
My opinion in this regard, of 51 points in dispute, Barca will add about 24. Will this be enough to reach the Champions League positions? Well, see.

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