Best Starting 11 for FC Barcelona?

It’s not news that Barcelona Football Club is in total decline, from becoming one of the best clubs in the world that exercised its hegemony, to now competing to be in the Champions League. The question arises, what should be the starting eleven for this team for the remainder of the season? My Opinion

In Goal

Marc-André ter Stegen – Although he is not in the best shape, in this squad we don’t have a substitute for goalkeeping, so the best option is still ter Stegen.

In Defense

Alba Pique Araujo Alves – In defense it seems to me that these four at this moment are the best, to be able to get the results. In Jordi Alba’s position, the second would be Balde, and it seems to me that he’s not fit to be a starter. The same thing happens with Araujo and Pique, behind them are Eric García, Lenglet, and Umtiti, perhaps of these three Eric García could be rotated with Pique, even so, Pique should be the starter. In the case of the right-back, Dani Alves, even at 38 years old, gives more confidence than Dest or even Mingueza, although Alves is not here to play every game.

In Midfield

Nico Pedri Frankie de Jong– These three would fulfill the best function, Nico as containment with de Jong and Pedri as creatives, then we would have Busquets and Gavi as replacements. Something that I would like would be to see is Busquets playing in the most important games, it seems to me that he is not ready to play so many games in a row.

In Attack

Depay Luuk de Jong Ferran Torres – Due to the injuries, and other situations like Dembele’s, these would be the best three in the attack. Depay and Ferran can give that imbalance on the wings, and Depay doesn’t have to be in charge of scoring goals, as he was at the beginning of the season. You may be wondering, but Luuk de Jong? Well, among what we have, it would be the best, he can exercise his height, and he’s more veteran than the others. With youngsters like Jutgla and Abde who can serve as a catalyst, they can put more pressure on these three who have more experience to deliver results.

In conclusion, this seems to me the most ideal 11 to face the rest of the season and reach those Champions League places that we want.

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